DNA/Brand Landscaping

DNA stands for Differentiators, Nuances, and Attributes. Total Dish can help you identify what makes your brand special, what your brand’s values are, and describe what you do in a compelling way.


Concept Development

So you want to open a little sushi bar. A cheese shop. A storefront that sells only stilettos. It sounds great! But you already have a lot of competition. Hiring Total Dish to work with you on Concept Development before you get started, is to set yourself apart from the start.


Product Naming and Taglines

Total Dish can give your product a name that captures your unique offering with an indelible quality; steeped in creativity and charm.

Brand Audits

What assets do you have in your marketing arsenal already? What’s working? What’s not? A Brand Audit can help your already-in-business company keep or build on what’s working for your business before you invest in new strategies.



Have a website that needs updating? Need some pithy, on-brand tweets to deploy? Have an investor’s packet that really needs to deliver a POW!? Total Dish can help you get the message across.

Brand Ambassadors and Employee Training

Your employees are your front line, and if they aren’t living and breathing your brand – then your customers are not likely receiving the experience that you hope them to be. Total Dish can work with you and your team to get them excited about your company, and empower them with the on-brand instincts that will impact your guest’s experience every day.


Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Mountains are moved when your marketing strategies work in tandem; communicating the same message and working to achieve the same goal. From online video to social media strategies to comment cards, when all the dots are connected – your marketing efforts are at their most successful.

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